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Important Information


An escape room is a room in where you get locked in order to play a game.  You are required to solve a series of puzzles, decipher clues within a certain amount of time to ultimately unlock the room and win your freedom.

Is the room really going to be locked?

Can someone pregnant play?

What is the dress code?

Yes and no.  You will be in a room with a locked door, but every room is equipped with an emergency exit speaker and you are welcome to leave the room at any time.  However, in doing so, you are disqualified from having a record time 

 Normally we say yes but this is obviously at your own risk.  As long as you have a supportive team, we think you’ll do just fine.  Just escape faster to get to the hospital.  We haven’t delivered any babies here yet!

Please wear something comfortable but nice enough as you and your group will probably want to get photos together 

When should we arrive?

What is an Escape Room?

What do you actually do in an Escape Room?

Please arrive fifteen minutes before your reservation time.  Please arrive on time, your punctuality is greatly appreciated. We have scheduled days so we will not let you in the room if you are late and you will not receive a refund.  IF YOU ARE MORE THEN 10 MINUTES LATE THEN YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE ROOM AND YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUND!

You are given an objective to complete which is part of the story line.  You must explore to find hints and clues to ultimately find your way out.  These rooms are made to challenge the way you think.  Its a great way to test your problem solving skills, think outside the box, use logic and detective skills, and have fun along the way.

Do you offer food or beverages?

How many participants in Dracs?

How much time should we allow for an escape room?

We offer light snacks (chips, & chocolate bars) only subject to availability if our friendly staff haven't consumed it all.  Also, we offer water and soft drinks.  And yes, we allow BYO on venue hires.  Enjoy a drink before or after your great escape! 

How many participants in Save Yourself room?

This room is designed to accommodate from 2 to 5 participants.  We will not join you up with random people from other groups.

If there is only two of you. Then the escape room will just be the two of you. 

I played all the rooms, now what?

You need to allow an 90minutes for your escape room experience, This includes the check in, instructions, a back story to set the scene, 60 minutes attempting your escape and time for congratulations and photos. 

What age groups are allowed to play?

This room is designed for 2 to 10 victims at a time.   However, if you wish to squeeze another body in, it will be quite cozy.  We will not join you up with random people from other groups. If there is only two of you. Then the escape room will just be the two of you. 

We have new stuff going on all the time, with new rooms planned in the future.

Stay tuned my friends.  We’ll have some new adventures for you soon!  Just call and check in advance.

We intended for all ages (although some of our rooms are creepy and not suitable for young kids).  Please note children under 15 must be accompanied by at least 1 adult.  

How many participants in Mocking Bird?

This room is designed for 2 to 5 participants + 1.  We will not join you up with random people from other groups.  If there is only two of you. Then the escape room will just be the two of you. 

What form of payment can we do?

We accept credit/debit card, cash, tap and go, and EFTPOS. 

If we have a large group?

We can accommodate up to 24 guest in an hour.  Please contact us prior via our contact us button on our website and we will call you for groups larger than 10 people. We will work with you to find space that suits your needs. 

How do I book an escape room?

All our booking are usually online.  You are welcome to try your luck and come down without a booking and see if we can fit you in.  Walk-ins are only accepted no later then 8pm.  Best to always book on line to secure the room.  

How do I cancel or reschedule my booking?

If you paid, It is transferable to another time slot if you notify us 48 hours in advance of your booking.  For corporate or large group bookings (more than 10) we require 7 days notice in advance of your booking to reschedule your booking to reallocate staff, otherwise you forfeit your purchase. 

What is the level of Difficulty?

We aim to have all of our rooms challenging, but do-able. The difficulty depends on you, as each room has a certain "mind" that you grapple with.  They are all very different, and you may find some harder or easier depending on your skills and how well you can think outside the box. Usually there is 1 smart one in the group.  If its not any of your friends, then, it must be you. 

Can I Cancel my Booking?

No, but you can reschedule your booking as long as you give us more then 48 hours notice.  Use our "contact us tab" on our website, Put "Cancellation" in the subject as your purpose, and specify the date and time of booking in the message field, and we will take care of it for you.

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