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One of Brisbane best

Join us at House of Deception for an exciting adventure that’s perfect for families, dates,  friends, tourists or co-workers! We’ll give you and your team an exciting opportunity to work together and use your reasoning and problem-solving skills to escape before it’s too late.  If you’re looking for a fun, find a new way to challenge your mind, and get a good laugh along the way, book early to secure the room before someone else does.  Try one of Brisbane's best Escape Rooms.  

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You Only Live Once

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True Teamwork and Fun for All

Our escape rooms are a great team-building activity for everyone.


You must collaborate with your team and use your analytical skills to solve puzzles, riddles and ultimately, escape our rooms (if you can).


Through working together as a team, this activity can be a perfect icebreaker, find out what you are made of, and a great way to get to know each other.  

Our rooms are perfect for celebrating special occasions such as Birthdays, Team Building, Hens & Buck nights,  work parties, School and Social events, dates, or, to simply doing a fun activity with friends and family members.   


This is a unique way for all types of groups to work together, to strengthen relationships, create new bonds, share a laugh, & make memorable moments together.



Up For a Challenge?

Do you think you and your team have the brain capacity and backbone to escape?  Can you walk the walk?  

Challenge yourself in our fun and immersive rooms.   Get to know your group in a whole new light.  Your team will be challenged so you must work together and solve the puzzles,  decipher the clues, in order to escape. 


Or, are you going to be our next victim? 


Fun, Captivating, & Immersive

Our escape rooms are one of Brisbane's Best Escape Room experiences. 

Our rooms are quite challenging, and have been creatively built to test your problem solving skills and fear factor to a new level.    


From first timers to experience escape room enthusiasts our rooms presents a good challenge, fun, and immersive interaction.     

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Come Visit

Thu - Fri: 10am - 8pm (8pm -10pm booking only)

Sat: 10am - 8pm (8pm -10pm booking only)

Sun: 10am - 8pm (8pm -10pm booking only)
Mon/Tues/Wed: 10am - 8pm - Open by prior online booking only


10-12 Anzac Avenue, Hillcrest QLD 4118

Phone:  0433 804 881

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